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Who are we and what do we do ?

4 Freedom is a group of individuals that promote and spread freedom in Second Life and OpenSim based grids like OSGrid and Newworldgrid.

The word "free" in our name does not refer to price; it refers to free as in free speech.

To visit us in Secondlife click:
Note: In the NW corner is a TP access (purple globes) to the weekly meeting place.

To visit us on OSGrid chat and slurl


Weekly meeting, every sunday evening







More pictures

What we consider as freedom:

Our ideas on freedom are based on the ones of Free Software Foundation. The philosophy of the movement is to give freedom to computer users by replacing proprietary software under restrictive licensing terms with free software with the ultimate goal of liberating everyone in cyberspace. Free software gives the user four freedoms:

   * run the program, for any purpose; 
   * study how the program works, and customize it upon your needs; 
   * redistribute copies and share them with your friends; 
   * improve the program and release your improvements to the public so that the whole community could benefit;
  • Not limited to software

The ideas of free software movement are not limited to free software. They are spreading to content and culture too. For example, open content licenses can be very important in the education segment. It gives more people an opportunity to obtain educational information, because it is free and may be adapted. Another example is the music industry where artists are controlled by big scale companies. Nowadays more and more artists release their music under a free license, like some (but not all) of the Creative Commons licenses are and start giving away their music for free as a marketing tactic.

  • Our Mission Statement

Advancement and equality among all people can only occur when technology, knowledge, and education are freely available to all without political and/or corporate interference or restrictions.

In accordance with our beliefs our mission, collectively and individually, shall be:

1. To provide a cohesive, community oriented organization which is freely open to all;

2. To share knowledge, ideas, and culture without prejudice;

3. To share ideas with the public about freedom of choice and what this freedom means to them individually as well as to the whole society;

4. To advocate the rights of individuals, software developers and other artists to freely create, share, collaborate, modify and decimate their work;

5. To promote the freedom of computer users to make educated and informed choices, without restrictions, in areas of information, software, and digital media;

6. To provide a publicly accessible centralized area within Second Life for sharing, educating, social networking and which serves as an open forum for discussion of related issues. This area shall provide such resources as are practical with regards to technical limitations to the Second Life community at large;

7. To organize and promote events, either as a group or in concert with other like minded organizations and individuals, whose goal is to increase public awareness;

8. To make related information and resources available to the online community outside of Second Life;

Our ideas on software freedom are based on the ideals of the Free Software Foundation, whose philosophy is to give freedom to computer users by replacing proprietary software under restrictive licensing terms with free software. Free software under this definition means software which gives the user the freedom to study, modify and share.


Our meeting of sunday the 23rd of october 2011 was the last one. Four years of meeting weekly have come to an end. Our group will not be dissolved, but let's say it will go in hybernation. We would like to thank all members who have contibuted their time and energy to our group, and especially Cath, who has been our chairwoman for all these years!

Meeting logs

Meeting action lists

Meeting agenda --- Open to all. Please feel free to add items you'd like to discuss.

How to join

If you are a member of Second Life or OSGrid, you can join the 4Freedom group. We meet every Sunday at 1.00 PM/PST.

Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation is happy to work with us to build their presentation in Second Life.
FSF on 4Freedom

4freedom On Opensim

4freedom is present on a couple of OpenSim grids.

There are groups on:

  • NewWorldGrid

Login info: Grid_List/The_New_World_Grid

We have a parcel on here wich still needs much work

Grid: thenewworldgrid region: Dolce Vita parcel: For 4freedom 37, 165, 24 /Dolce%20Vita/37/165/24

Other Activities

Event List for 2011


GNUbees free items xml and lsl and textures

An experiment to find a way to share real freebees wich can be used on OpenSim and on Secondlife. All items are free lisenced; creative commonce or gpl.

whole items

lsl scripts







How to export and import items Content_Backup


Ideas for current or future initiatives go here.

An initiative is a specific issue or sub-topic of software, culture, or content freedom that 4Freedom group members can advocate to our members and to others as a way to increase or spread the message about software freedom. To start an initiative, all we really need is one or more active 4Freedom members to take leadership over the initiative and design a campaign around it. We will campaign on initiatives much the same way that the FSF does: a two-stroke "don't do this because it leads to less freedom; instead, do this because it increases freedom" message. We discourage campaigns with a one-stroke "don't use this, but we have no real alternative" messages, because they are not constructive, and do not help increase user freedom. We must come up with free alternatives to proprietary content and software, and promote those instead.

We can implement initiatives by:

  • Word of mouth (talking to others about it)
  • Posters
  • Group notices
  • Talk about it at meetings
  • Decorate our sims on OSgrid with informational objects
  • Interactive events about the initiative

Please add each initiative as a sub-heading.

  • Streaming

For Streaming Video see Streaming Video User Guides

imprudence viewer works for video and audio streaming -

  • Free Graphics Drivers

See Free Graphics Drivers Initiative.

  • Education

See Our list of instructors.

The idea of developping portals for using hypergrid in an easy free and as much as posible private way. Image:Screenshot-4freedomgates1.png

4freedom History

Old projects that 4freedom has been working on move to here


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