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OpenSimulator is a 3D Application Server for virtual environments.

4Freedom is presented on more grids run on opensim.

4freedom on Osgrid:

Make an acount on Osgrid (opensim development-grid)

extra instructions

OSgrid opensim on Ubuntu

for info on free culture and free software mostly opensim-related and free software tutorials. Go to Wright Plaza for some free items (clothes and more) At the shops you will find a lot under a free licence (

List of people who want to contribute for renting a server on OSGrid:

Toga Yorkshire-------------€72 for a 1 year subscription. (confirmed)

Grunt Ultsch also pays 5 Euro every month (confirmed)

Maja McBride-------------€ 5 a month (confirmed)

Catharina Jacobus-------------€ 5 a month (confirmed)

Moelwyn Sodwind...................€36 for a 6 month subscription (confirmed)


Not confirmed yet:

muuu Scorpio-------------€ 5 a month (for 6 months /one year depending what we will decide)

SkyBinary Nightfire also pays € 5 a month

The sim is already there! The name of the region is 4Freedom. Welcome!

A small list of simrenters that could be discussed to rent from:




sims of interest

free software or free culture related places

nice work by Sky Binary . Land in the shape of ubuntu. grid OSgrid simname Skyz hypergrid

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