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4Freedom on OSGrid

The Basics

  • Four sims donated by Tiyuk Quellmalz
  • Hosted in Frankfurt, Germany on dedicated infrastructure
  • The south-west sim, 4Freedom, is the "main sim". It contains a Welcome Area and has a 100 Agent Limit.
  • The other sims, 4Freedom_Culture, 4Freedom_Content, and 4Freedom_Speech, are topic-focused and have a 40 Agent Limit each. (Can be increased if really needed)


  • Mainsim, Main or SW (South-West): Shorthand for the sim named "4Freedom".
  • Culture or NW (North-West): Shorthand for the sim named "4Freedom_Culture".
  • Speech or SE (South-East): Shorthand for the sim named "4Freedom_Speech".
  • Content or NE (North-East): Shorthand for the sim named "4Freedom_Content".

Involvement In 4Freedom Island Development

  • We should ask, "What Does 4Freedom Mean To You?"
    • Is it just a place you meet for an hour a week?
    • Is it a place for learning, educating others, having fun, expressing your creativity?
    • Is it something you are willing to give a part of yourself for everyday?
  • Two broadly-defined classes of people (with plenty of room for gray area):
    • Contributors -- those devoting significant time/resources/energies into 4Freedom
    • Audience -- those who will be educated by, and benefit from the exhibits we offer at 4Freedom
  • Contributors are required to get the ball rolling and make the first steps
  • The Audience is the reason why we bother doing this at all, so they are very important
  • Audience members can and will evolve into Contributors over time
  • What are the things that contributors offer that are valuable to us?
    • Personal time and presence on the sims
    • Ideas (the genesis of any good thing starts with ideas)
    • Leadership (meritocracy: those with ability and willpower, lead)
    • Resources (money, servers)
    • Activism (getting the word out about 4Freedom and the things we stand for)
    • Engineering (LSL scripts, software, OpenSim/Imprudence patches, other software in the FOSS ecosystem)
    • Creativity (building, Wiki, textures, sounds, music, DJing, etc)
    • All of the above are equally valuable

Shared Administration

If you want to help administering the sims (i.e., rebooting them when they crash, updating the opensim version, etc), contact Tiyuk Quellmalz. Extensive knowledge of Debian GNU/Linux system administration is required. Experience with bash scripting is required. Knowledge of the inner workings of the OpenSimulator software is optional but encouraged.

List of current assistant sysadmins, who can help you with rebooting the server or diagnosing problems:

  • gimisa cerise
  • Ruben Haan

Ideas for Content Areas

4Freedom Main Sim

  • Welcome Area: Direct people to individual focus areas based on interests.
    • Teleporters to specific exhibits at other areas of 4Freedom sims
    • 4096 sqm for welcome area, emanating from the sim junction
  • Free Software focused areas
  • Information on how to start using showcase Free Software:
    • On Windows/Mac: GIMP, OpenOffice, Firefox, etc
    • On GNU/Linux: Ubuntu, Fedora, etc
  • Information for those interested in a 99.999% Free Software experience with SL
    • e.g. Free Software graphics drivers
    • Free BIOS
    • Free viewers (mostly all)
    • Free content creation tools (Blender, etc)
  • Information on the ideals of why Free Software
  • Meta: Why OSGrid? Why Imprudence? Why OpenSim? (Answer: they are Free Software)
  • Meeting Room: A place for active 4Freedom contributors to meet and discuss administrative and organizational aspects of building out the island. Suggest meetings every 2-3 days while the island is mostly empty
  • Perspectives Center: A place for awareness of the different perspectives on free software, free culture, etc., including open source. Because we want to encourage awareness of diverse views, and try to work together with and promote understanding between different "camps", rather than "othering" them.
  • Resources (e.g. web links) to FSF, Linux Foundation, EFF, others?
  • Display of 4Freedom volunteer personnel willing to help install / configure / tutorial with Free Software: GNU/Linux, OpenOffice, etc
    • Can have boards that check agent status and list Online/Offline along with a profile pic on a wall
  • Main sim should be PG and promote an atmosphere of Professionalism, Innovation and Cooperation
  • Possible Parcel subdivisions: large information showcase, parcel out for streaming media as needed


  • The focus of this sim should be socialization and human interaction
  • Clubs, group cinemas, socially-oriented meeting places, and residences (yes, there will be plenty of room for residences) go here
  • Live music, DJing, performances, art displays go here
  • Sim should be Mature (PG-13) and promote an atmosphere of Fun and Inclusiveness
  • Design Suggestion: Build social areas right next to the coastline,
  • Possible Parcel subdivisions: TBD (edit this once we parcel out)


  • The focus of this sim should be content creation and content sharing
  • (Free) malls, artwork showcases, scripts, and other SL content goes here
  • Resources / links to websites with free content (textures, models, meshes, sounds, music) -- e.g. Jamendo, Magnatune
  • Display of 4Freedom volunteer personnel willing to help teach people how to build, draw, create textures, create sculpties, etc
  • Sim should be Mature (PG-13) and promote an atmosphere of Creativity and Sharing
  • Possible Parcel subdivisions: TBD (edit this once we parcel out)


  • The focus of this sim should be freedom of speech, freedom of the press and a free Internet
  • Walk-through historical account of the evolution of free speech and the challenges it has faced (like a RL museum)
  • Summary of free speech status in different parts of the world
  • Links to media that promote free speech rather than censor it
  • Actions of governments to censor the Internet
  • Debate Center: Hold weekly (or bi-weekly) debates in a civilized, organized fashion on focused topics, to encourage people to hone their civil discourse, persuasion, and rhetorical skills.
  • Sim should be be Mature (PG-13) and promote an atmosphere of diversity and expression

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