Meetings 17 april 2011

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[12:59 PM] Catharina Jacobus: Hi Toga
[12:59 PM] Catharina Jacobus: Hi Gimi
[12:59 PM] gimisa cerise: hello hell
[12:59 PM] gimisa cerise: hello
[12:59 PM] Ruben Haan: hi
[01:00 PM] Catharina Jacobus: Grunt won't be here today
[01:00 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Hi Cath, reset your home/landmark so you don't end up buried.
[01:00 PM] Catharina Jacobus: has to play chess
[01:00 PM] Ruben Haan: oh
[01:00 PM] Ruben Haan: hope he wins
[01:00 PM] Catharina Jacobus: how do I do that Toga?
[01:01 PM] Toga Yorkshire: World - Set Home to Here
[01:01 PM] Catharina Jacobus: sorry pfone..
[01:02 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Of course you should probably stand in the middle of the floor so you don't end up in someones lap.
[01:03 PM] Ruben Haan: where would you want to end up?
[01:04 PM] Ruben Haan: shall i log in on sl to look if there are still some lost sheeps?
[01:05 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Am I the omnly one seeing Gimisa as a cloud?
[01:07 PM] Otaku Thor is Online
[01:07 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Hi Otaku
[01:08 PM] Otaku Thor: greetings
[01:09 PM] Ruben Haan: hi Otaku
[01:09 PM] gimisa cerise: Hello Otaku
[01:09 PM] Maja McBride is Online
[01:10 PM] Otaku Thor: anything special on the agenda today?
[01:11 PM] Primitive whispers: Teleporting now.
[01:12 PM] Ruben Haan: i didnt look yet
[01:13 PM] Linux Inside Soda Machine: Could not find object tempRed Hat Fedora flavored Linux soda
[01:13 PM] Linux Inside Soda Machine: Here's your can of Red Hat Fedora flavored Linux soda, enjoy!
[01:13 PM] Linux Inside Soda Machine: Could not find object 'Red Hat Fedora flavored Linux soda'
[01:17 PM] Ruben Haan: did you see this new inisiative?
[01:17 PM] Otaku Thor: cool
[01:19 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Bluebird
[01:19 PM] Ruben Haan: yep :)
[01:19 PM] Ruben Haan: i had to add some work :)
[01:20 PM] Catharina Jacobus: sorry
[01:20 PM] Catharina Jacobus: phone
[01:20 PM] Catharina Jacobus: What did I miss?
[01:21 PM] Otaku Thor: wb Cath
[01:21 PM] Ruben Haan: nothing yet
[01:23 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Just rembered that I have to pay rent over on SL.
[01:23 PM] Toga Yorkshire: remembered
[01:23 PM] Maja McBride: I am here, Toga ;-)
[01:24 PM] gimisa cerise: Hi Maja
[01:24 PM] Ruben Haan: hi invisible maja
[01:24 PM] Maja McBride: Moin :-)
[01:24 PM] Catharina Jacobus: Hey Maja
[01:24 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Hi Maja, can't see you.
[01:24 PM] Otaku Thor is Offline
[01:24 PM] Otaku Thor is Online
[01:24 PM] Maja McBride: No. That is in fact pretty normal :-)
[01:25 PM] Otaku Thor is Offline
[01:26 PM] Toga Yorkshire: My mini-map shows Maja sitting next to gim.
[01:26 PM] Maja McBride: That is true ;-)
[01:26 PM] Otaku Thor is Online
[01:28 PM] Maja McBride: I explain it one more time: :-D Whenever I am online in OSGrid with my text-only client Radegast I seem to be invisible to others. But otherwise I wouldn't be able to watch TV, too...
[01:28 PM] Ruben Haan: hm
[01:28 PM] Ruben Haan: mister serverowner isnt here :/
[01:29 PM] Catharina Jacobus: Tiyuk?
[01:29 PM] Ruben Haan: yep
[01:29 PM] gimisa cerise: did you had any server issue this week ?
[01:29 PM] Catharina Jacobus: nope
[01:29 PM] Ruben Haan: i restarted it once
[01:29 PM] gimisa cerise: not bad
[01:29 PM] Catharina Jacobus: I could log in everytime
[01:29 PM] Ruben Haan: its weard
[01:29 PM] Catharina Jacobus: did anyone do some building this week?
[01:29 PM] gimisa cerise: I did
[01:30 PM] Ruben Haan: my own server can run for months without restarting
[01:30 PM] Catharina Jacobus: What did u make Gimi?
[01:30 PM] gimisa cerise: Just extended the pathway
[01:30 PM] gimisa cerise: and did a bit of teraforming
[01:31 PM] gimisa cerise: did you work on the church??
[01:33 PM] Catharina Jacobus: Could anyone build a building consisting of eight square circles?
[01:34 PM] Maja McBride: What???
[01:34 PM] gimisa cerise: circles are easy to get but squares are difficult
[01:34 PM] Toga Yorkshire: What is a square circle?
[01:34 PM] Catharina Jacobus: sorry.. I do not know how to explain..
[01:34 PM] Catharina Jacobus: a circle with 8 squares..
[01:34 PM] Maja McBride: Draw it then.
[01:34 PM] Catharina Jacobus: i can not draw
[01:35 PM] Maja McBride: Oh.
[01:36 PM] Ruben Haan: ohhhh like that
[01:36 PM] Catharina Jacobus: just a circle
[01:36 PM] Catharina Jacobus: and you cut a square
[01:37 PM] Catharina Jacobus: i am bad at maths..
[01:39 PM] Catharina Jacobus: no..
[01:39 PM] gimisa cerise: explain
[01:39 PM] Ruben Haan: those are cubes, not squares :D
[01:39 PM] gimisa cerise: 9 instread of 8
[01:39 PM] gimisa cerise: sorry
[01:40 PM] Otaku Thor: that looks like a bowl of tofu
[01:40 PM] Ruben Haan: nice tofu
[01:40 PM] Ruben Haan: silken prims
[01:40 PM] gimisa cerise: silken??
[01:41 PM] Ruben Haan: silken tofu is really nice
[01:41 PM] Ruben Haan: soft
[01:41 PM] gimisa cerise: google pic???
[01:41 PM] Catharina Jacobus: I don't know how to explain
[01:41 PM] gimisa cerise: google pic....
[01:41 PM] Catharina Jacobus: a circle.. and then you cut it into a 4 squared circle
[01:42 PM] Ruben Haan: cut like a pie?
[01:43 PM] Ruben Haan: most cirles i have seen are not so square
[01:43 PM] Ruben Haan: but meaby i looked wrong
[01:44 PM] Otaku Thor: a circle cut in to half then half again? so there are four sections?
[01:44 PM] Catharina Jacobus: no
[01:44 PM] gimisa cerise: 4 quaters
[01:44 PM] Catharina Jacobus: like bees
[01:44 PM] gimisa cerise: or circles are not square never will
[01:45 PM] Otaku Thor: a hexagon
[01:45 PM] Catharina Jacobus: yes that sounds like what I mean..
[01:45 PM] gimisa cerise: 8
[01:45 PM] Catharina Jacobus: 8 yes..
[01:45 PM] gimisa cerise: would hexadecagone
[01:45 PM] gimisa cerise: something like that
[01:45 PM] Catharina Jacobus: made out of glass
[01:46 PM] Catharina Jacobus: a big building
[01:46 PM] gimisa cerise:
[01:46 PM] gimisa cerise: octogone
[01:46 PM] Otaku Thor:,r:3,s:0
[01:47 PM] Catharina Jacobus: yes.. the shape Otaku gives
[01:47 PM] Catharina Jacobus: and that into a big round building..
[01:48 PM] Catharina Jacobus: is that hard to make?
[01:48 PM] gimisa cerise: could be done
[01:48 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Hexagon
[01:48 PM] gimisa cerise: octa 8 side Toga
[01:49 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Otaku's was a hexagon that Cath said was the correct one
[01:50 PM] Catharina Jacobus: yes.. a round building made out of hexagon's
[01:50 PM] Otaku Thor: like a geodesik dome
[01:50 PM] Catharina Jacobus: a temple for wikileaks
[01:51 PM] Toga Yorkshire: A geodisk is normally made out of pentgon and triangle sides
[01:52 PM] Toga Yorkshire: geodosik dome
[01:52 PM] Catharina Jacobus: What is a geodisk?
[01:52 PM] Otaku Thor: let me google a picture
[01:52 PM] Otaku Thor:,r:9,s:0
[01:52 PM] Otaku Thor: T think this may be waht Cath is talking about
[01:52 PM] Otaku Thor: *what
[01:52 PM] gimisa cerise: wow
[01:52 PM] Catharina Jacobus: yes!
[01:53 PM] Catharina Jacobus: something like that but then out of glass
[01:54 PM] Catharina Jacobus: transparant
[01:54 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Is this it Cath?
[01:54 PM] Catharina Jacobus: Can you make that Gimi?
[01:54 PM] gimisa cerise: a bigger chalange what size
[01:54 PM] Catharina Jacobus: yes that is what i mean
[01:54 PM] Catharina Jacobus: bit and open..
[01:54 PM] Catharina Jacobus: big..
[01:55 PM] gimisa cerise: probaly easier to texture a globe
[01:55 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Why not just start with a sphere?
[01:55 PM] gimisa cerise: yes
[01:55 PM] Otaku Thor: I will talk to my buliding friend as well to see if she can make somting like that
[01:55 PM] gimisa cerise: an just texture it to look like the geosphere you have in mind
[01:55 PM] Catharina Jacobus: ok. so it is something real hard to do?
[01:56 PM] gimisa cerise: might be not in mesh
[01:56 PM] gimisa cerise: but that is not what you want I guess
[01:56 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Just very many prims to do on VL
[01:56 PM] Toga Yorkshire: VR
[01:57 PM] Ruben Haan: thats no problem
[01:57 PM] Ruben Haan: you can use as manny prims as you want
[01:58 PM] gimisa cerise: doing it in mesh would be a snap
[01:58 PM] gimisa cerise: doing it with prim would take a lot of them
[01:58 PM] gimisa cerise: doing a globe and texture would be simple
[01:58 PM] gimisa cerise: your choice
[01:59 PM] Ruben Haan: can you do it with prims?
[01:59 PM] Catharina Jacobus: I would like it to be transparant
[01:59 PM] Catharina Jacobus: glass..
[02:00 PM] Catharina Jacobus: ok.. time for now?
[02:01 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Yep I'll close the log and post it.
[02:01 PM] Catharina Jacobus: thanks toga
[02:01 PM] Toga Yorkshire: Log closed

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