Meetings 16 november 2008

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[12:57] Toga Yorkshire: Hi Cath, Grunt ab\nd Demon
[12:57] Demonia Gothly: hi
[12:57] Catharina Jacobus: Hi Toga
[12:58] Demonia Gothly: sorry!
[12:58] Demonia Gothly: lol
[12:58] Grunt Ultsch: Yes, my parcel was too full to rez enough chairs :(
[13:00] Toga Yorkshire: Hi Zauber
[13:00] Demonia Gothly: today is the day when Samira's building will dissapear ?
[13:00] Demonia Gothly: :->
[13:00] Demonia Gothly: yau
[13:00] Demonia Gothly: *yay
[13:00] Zauber Exonar: I don't believe that Loopy's going to be able to make it
[13:00] Zauber Exonar: She's got a bit of nausea, so is resting right now
[13:01] Demonia Gothly: cath do you still have lag ?
[13:01] Grunt Ultsch: poor loopy
[13:01] Zauber Exonar: I'll check with Sour to see if she's doing any better
[13:02] Grunt Ultsch: I dont know what nausea is but it sounds like running nose to me
[13:02] Zauber Exonar: Upset stomach, actually
[13:02] Grunt Ultsch: ok
[13:02] Grunt Ultsch: I hope it's not too bad
[13:03] Grunt Ultsch: Loopy is sweet
[13:03] Catharina Jacobus: Hi all, sorry was talking to cath for a minute
[13:03] Zauber Exonar: ?
[13:03] Catharina Jacobus: There group organizes a party soon, see the sign behind me
[13:03] Grunt Ultsch: Ms pfeifer
[13:04] Zauber Exonar: ok
[13:04] Catharina Jacobus: Yes Grunt
[13:05] Grunt Ultsch: What group is it?
[13:05] Catharina Jacobus: some french builders group
[13:05] Demonia Gothly: Touch for Info it says
[13:05] Catharina Jacobus: and scripters..
[13:06] Demonia Gothly: so touch it
[13:06] You decline 'Party - Constructeurs et scripteurs 500 membres - AN' ( ) from Party - Constructeurs et scripteurs 500 membres - AN.
[13:06] Grunt Ultsch: no
[13:06] Grunt Ultsch: I dont speak a word French and I can hardly build or script
[13:07] Demonia Gothly: cath ?
[13:07] Demonia Gothly: do you still have lag ?
[13:08] Catharina Jacobus: Yes Demon still lag but a bit better now than it was
[13:08] Demonia Gothly: what was the cause ?
[13:08] Demonia Gothly: any idea ?
[13:08] Grunt Ultsch: What is the reason that it got better?
[13:09] Catharina Jacobus: the main reason is that stupid cable company
[13:09] Zauber Exonar: Comcast?
[13:09] Demonia Gothly: comcast in NL ?
[13:09] Catharina Jacobus: no Ziggo
[13:09] Zauber Exonar: ok
[13:09] Catharina Jacobus: they are all the same I guess..
[13:09] Grunt Ultsch: Then why did you chose a cable company?
[13:10] Grunt Ultsch: You could have had ADSL
[13:10] Catharina Jacobus: the home owner chose it for me
[13:10] Zauber Exonar: Is ADSL better than Cable?
[13:10] Grunt Ultsch: You can still have ADSL
[13:10] Demonia Gothly: lol
[13:10] Catharina Jacobus: hmmm anywa, not really a subject for our meeting
[13:10] Demonia Gothly: adsl is terribly slow
[13:11] Grunt Ultsch: No, zauber, cable is better technically, but because of the company's in Holland ADSL is better
[13:11] Zauber Exonar: ok
[13:11] Catharina Jacobus: i applied for more bandwidth but they denied first that I applied for that..
[13:11] Zauber Exonar: What's better than Cable?
[13:11] Demonia Gothly: fiber
[13:11] Zauber Exonar: ok
[13:11] Catharina Jacobus: Later they admitted I did but still have to wait ten days again
[13:11] Catharina Jacobus: all idiots
[13:12] Zauber Exonar: Hey, Loopy's on
[13:12] Demonia Gothly: cath ? wasn't this supposed to be the day when Samiras building gets demolished ?
[13:12] Zauber Exonar: lol
[13:12] Zauber Exonar: I'd love to participate in demotion!
[13:12] Grunt Ultsch: Yes, but I didn't message her, like I said I would
[13:12] Zauber Exonar gives a evil laugh
[13:12] Catharina Jacobus: Did you hear anything from her Grunt?
[13:12] Zauber Exonar: Hi Loopy
[13:12] Zauber Exonar: Feeling better?
[13:12] loopy String: hi
[13:13] Catharina Jacobus: Hi Loop
[13:13] Grunt Ultsch: Dont be so eager to demolish her buildings, you dragon and creature from hell
[13:13] Demonia Gothly: :->
[13:13] Zauber Exonar glares at Grunt
[13:13] Grunt Ultsch: Hey loopy, I heard you are ill?
[13:14] loopy String: my sinuses hurt a lot
[13:14] loopy String: from acold i have had
[13:14] Catharina Jacobus: Hi Saku
[13:14] loopy String: and i get tired
[13:14] loopy String: ty
[13:14] Saku Aichi: Hello hello Catharina. :D
[13:15] loopy String: ineed sours help with the pictures
[13:15] Andrius Xeltentat: hi :)
[13:15] Grunt Ultsch: Glad you could make it anyway
[13:15] Catharina Jacobus: btw, where is Otaku?
[13:15] loopy String: ty
[13:15] Catharina Jacobus: so Grunt did you forget to IM Sam?
[13:15] Catharina Jacobus: Hi Andrius
[13:15] Grunt Ultsch: Yes cath :(
[13:15] Andrius Xeltentat: hi cath :)
[13:15] Catharina Jacobus: Can you do it now please?
[13:15] Andrius Xeltentat: i'm a little bit late...
[13:16] Grunt Ultsch: ok
[13:16] Grunt Ultsch: I'll do it straight away, give me a minute
[13:16] Catharina Jacobus: yes, thank you
[13:16] Demonia Gothly: you know she won't's useless
[13:16] Demonia Gothly: i stole her account
[13:17] Zauber Exonar: lol
[13:17] Hobbes Hax: Hello! I'm new.
[13:17] Demonia Gothly: ah no sorry...otherwise the building would dissapear too
[13:17] Catharina Jacobus: Hi Hobbes, welcome
[13:18] Hobbes Hax: Thank you Catharina, good to be here.
[13:18] Catharina Jacobus: are you new to SL or new to our group?
[13:18] Catharina Jacobus: Hi Falodos
[13:18] Hobbes Hax: New to SL, not new to FOSS. :)
[13:18] Zauber Exonar: Ah, good
[13:19] Catharina Jacobus: ok great, we meet here every Sunday at 1.00 PM/PDT
[13:19] Grunt Ultsch: Ok, I messaged Sam
[13:19] Demonia Gothly: ok let's delete it
[13:20] Grunt Ultsch: NO!
[13:20] Zauber Exonar: YAY
[13:20] Demonia Gothly: lol hehe
[13:20] loopy String: brb
[13:20] Grunt Ultsch: Give her another week
[13:20] Demonia Gothly: that building has no purpose except making things look uglier
[13:21] Grunt Ultsch: I'm sure you can endure it for another week
[13:21] Zauber Exonar: Is Samira's land doing something other than looking like a mess?
[13:21] Grunt Ultsch: This is art, you barbarians
[13:21] Demonia Gothly: lol
[13:21] Zauber Exonar: Modern Art
[13:21] Zauber Exonar: Which I detest
[13:21] Grunt Ultsch: Very modern indeed
[13:21] Demonia Gothly: grunt, if you didn't know, she has a superb skybox in the air, take a look
[13:22] Demonia Gothly: the latest fashion is in there
[13:22] Demonia Gothly: =))
[13:22] Grunt Ultsch: I saw it, demon
[13:22] Demonia Gothly: you'll LOL
[13:22] Hobbes Hax: I'm sad that Canonical's building is so much better looking than Debian's.. ;)
[13:22] Grunt Ultsch: But not closely, but I'll have another look soon
[13:22] Demonia Gothly: you select a chair to sit on it and you end up sitting on the roof
[13:22] Demonia Gothly: haha
[13:23] Catharina Jacobus: the Canonical building?
[13:23] Hobbes Hax: Ubuntu, I mean.
[13:23] loopy String: back
[13:24] Grunt Ultsch: You can select a chair heredemon, these are safe, you wont end up on some roof
[13:25] loopy String: so
[13:25] loopy String: i took photos
[13:25] loopy String: of th eparty
[13:25] loopy String: however i need sour to help me some
[13:25] Catharina Jacobus: yes great, where are they?
[13:25] Grunt Ultsch: He will
[13:26] Demonia Gothly: why didn't mister Trade arrive yet ?
[13:26] loopy String: can you speak with sour grunt
[13:26] Zauber Exonar: He's online?
[13:26] Grunt Ultsch: Me?
[13:26] loopy String: he is impatient with me sometimes
[13:26] loopy String: yes
[13:26] loopy String: if you do he will help
[13:26] Grunt Ultsch: Oh dear, what do you want him to do?
[13:26] loopy String: help teach me to crop
[13:27] loopy String: and some other things
[13:27] Catharina Jacobus is Online
[13:27] Grunt Ultsch: What does 'crop' mean?
[13:27] Demonia Gothly: cut a slice
[13:27] Grunt Ultsch: ok
[13:27] loopy String: yes
[13:27] Demonia Gothly: from an object or texture
[13:27] Demonia Gothly: (?)
[13:27] loopy String: and zoom in
[13:28] loopy String: to get the picture the way i want it
[13:28] Zauber Exonar: Hi Sour
[13:28] loopy String: hi sour
[13:28] Grunt Ultsch: Hey Sour, we need your help
[13:28] Sour Wozniak: hey
[13:28] loopy String: i love you
[13:28] Sour Wozniak: luv ya to
[13:28] Toga Yorkshire: Hi Sour
[13:28] Catharina Jacobus: sorry I crashed and now I can not find my chair
[13:28] Zauber Exonar: We're demonlishing Samira's building
[13:28] Zauber Exonar: demolishing
[13:28] Sour Wozniak: hahahahah
[13:28] Hobbes Hax: Are you all talking about creating artwork for here, to be stuck onto models and such?
[13:28] Zauber Exonar: ?
[13:29] Hobbes Hax: Or merely 2D work for RL/web?
[13:29] Zauber Exonar: brb guys
[13:29] Grunt Ultsch: Your chair is being taken cath
[13:29] Demonia Gothly: grunt thinks samiras building is a piece of art, others think it's a piece of something else
[13:30] loopy String: if sour spends a half hour with me then i can get the photos as i wish
[13:30] loopy String: and send them
[13:30] Demonia Gothly: grunt crashed
[13:30] loopy String: ok
[13:30] Demonia Gothly: ubuntu powah
[13:30] Catharina Jacobus: Gog and kick Sour's ass then
[13:30] Catharina Jacobus: Go...
[13:30] loopy String: lol'
[13:31] Sour Wozniak: im back
[13:31] Sour Wozniak: whuy!!!!
[13:31] loopy String: he is bigger
[13:31] loopy String: and loud
[13:31] Catharina Jacobus: haha
[13:31] loopy String: lol
[13:31] Sour Wozniak: u guys always pick on me
[13:31] Sour Wozniak: >|
[13:31] Sour Wozniak: xD
[13:31] Sour Wozniak: lol
[13:31] loopy String: rofl
[13:31] Demonia Gothly: mao
[13:31] Zauber Exonar: back
[13:31] loopy String: wb
[13:32] Catharina Jacobus: Sour, can you help Loopy with the pics of the party?
[13:32] loopy String: yeh sour
[13:32] loopy String: please
[13:32] Sour Wozniak: ya
[13:32] loopy String: geesh
[13:32] Sour Wozniak: sur
[13:32] Sour Wozniak: e
[13:32] loopy String: bout time
[13:32] Zauber Exonar: back
[13:32] loopy String: wb
[13:32] Zauber Exonar: Hey Catharina, have you heard of the Meerkat viewer?
[13:32] loopy String: lol
[13:32] Demonia Gothly: ?!
[13:32] Sour Wozniak: lol
[13:32] Zauber Exonar: Shut up, Sour
[13:32] Sour Wozniak: and hes my sl step dad!!
[13:32] loopy String: rofl
[13:33] Zauber Exonar: o_O
[13:33] loopy String: ~☆~ OH My God!! ~☆~
[13:33] Zauber Exonar: This is a no-drama zone
[13:33] FarAwayNL Rock: ?
[13:33] Catharina Jacobus: How is it with the open source dragon project btw?
[13:33] Zauber Exonar: Not good
[13:33] Catharina Jacobus: not good??
[13:33] Catharina Jacobus: hmm a scuba diver entering..
[13:33] Demonia Gothly: lol grunt
[13:33] Sour Wozniak: hes rezing
[13:33] Catharina Jacobus: no, what about that Zauber?
[13:34] Zauber Exonar: No progress
[13:34] Demonia Gothly: haha that's really funny
[13:34] Grunt Ultsch: What am I doing here?
[13:34] Zauber Exonar: Anyways, Meerkat is a viewer designed to be 100% GPL
[13:34] Demonia Gothly: lol
[13:34] Zauber Exonar: Meaning no proprietary dependencies
[13:34] Zauber Exonar: brb
[13:34] Demonia Gothly: better
[13:34] loopy String: feel better grunt
[13:34] Catharina Jacobus: sounds good, but what about mono then?
[13:34] Grunt Ultsch: Thanx demon, where would I be without you?
[13:34] loopy String: i got pictures of you stuck
[13:34] Demonia Gothly: home
[13:34] Grunt Ultsch: Haha, too late with that pic
[13:35] loopy String: no
[13:35] loopy String: i got three
[13:35] Demonia Gothly: you were swimming so nice
[13:35] Catharina Jacobus: Grunt, what are doing on the table?
[13:35] loopy String: ✹ .:* HihiHihiHi! *:.✹
[13:35] Grunt Ultsch: WHat are you doing on the table, Scuba?
[13:35] Sour Wozniak: ur in no place to talk grunt
[13:35] Sour Wozniak: ur on it to
[13:35] Hobbes Hax: meerkat has more lofy goals, too; they want to be able to connect to 3rd party grids.
[13:35] Grunt Ultsch: I couldnt help it
[13:35] protossian Barbosa: sorry was rezzing
[13:36] Demonia Gothly: grunt your parcel is a mess
[13:36] Catharina Jacobus: I am sitting decently on a chair Sour
[13:36] Catharina Jacobus: i think this meeting is quite a mess
[13:37] Hobbes Hax: :)P
[13:37] loopy String: sorry
[13:37] Grunt Ultsch: Let's get back to the agenda
[13:37] Demonia Gothly: yes
[13:37] Demonia Gothly: demolish samira's building
[13:37] Demonia Gothly: period.
[13:37] Grunt Ultsch: NO!
[13:37] Demonia Gothly: that's the agenda for today.
[13:37] Grunt Ultsch: No, that's for next week!
[13:38] Demonia Gothly: umm ok
[13:38] Catharina Jacobus: on the table
[13:38] Grunt Ultsch: What on the table?
[13:40] Grunt Ultsch: Yawn
[13:40] loopy String: °º©·©º° Geeh...It's so Quiet... °º©·©º°
[13:40] loopy String: °º©·©º° ....To Quiet...! °º©·©º°
[13:40] Zauber Exonar: back
[13:40] Andrius Xeltentat: :)
[13:40] Grunt Ultsch: May we get back to small talk please?
[13:40] Hobbes Hax: Well I'm gonna go look at this controversial building.. Where is it?
[13:41] Demonia Gothly: here
[13:41] Catharina Jacobus: oh wel, anyway Cath confirmed to me that she is in contact with someone from Linden to work on the building settings
[13:41] Demonia Gothly: this ugly thing you see here
[13:41] Demonia Gothly: the "FSF Plaza"
[13:41] Demonia Gothly: lool
[13:42] Zauber Exonar: Modern Art = Crutch for untalented artists
[13:42] Grunt Ultsch: Good, cath, do you know what exactly yhey are working on?
[13:42] Catharina Jacobus: and she has good hope that it will work out like we want it to
[13:42] Grunt Ultsch: YOOPIE!!
[13:42] Catharina Jacobus: only one person signed the petition this week
[13:42] Demonia Gothly: Anonymous ?
[13:43] Zauber Exonar: I can put up a petition ball at my parcel
[13:43] Grunt Ultsch: They are free to copy, zauber
[13:43] Zauber Exonar: ok
[13:43] Catharina Jacobus: yes please, rather the official one and not the ball
[13:43] Toga Yorkshire: Hobbes, have you signed the petition yet?
[13:43] Grunt Ultsch: Please dont fart on it
[13:44] Zauber Exonar: ok
[13:44] Zauber Exonar: I'll send it to one of my alts, which are camping at my lair
[13:44] Hobbes Hax: It's in serious need of texturing, but I can see that some work was put into the shape, you know? Like, the DEbian building is just a box. :)
[13:44] Demonia Gothly: that has a shape ? LOL
[13:44] Catharina Jacobus: hehe Grunt!
[13:44] Demonia Gothly: those are default prims
[13:45] Catharina Jacobus: Do you get many visitors Zauber?
[13:45] Zauber Exonar: From time to time
[13:45] Zauber Exonar: I've also got an opengate on my land, so a random visitor pops in now and then
[13:45] Hobbes Hax: Hehe. We should paint the building!
[13:45] loopy String: lol
[13:46] Zauber Exonar: Or burn it
[13:46] Catharina Jacobus: an opengate?
[13:46] Demonia Gothly: loopy you changed you skin ?
[13:46] loopy String: yes
[13:46] loopy String: only the ski9n
[13:46] Hobbes Hax: And, no, I haven't signed the petition. Uhm, I don't know enough about the issue to take a stance.
[13:46] loopy String: skijn
[13:46] loopy String: skin
[13:47] Grunt Ultsch: Demon sees it all
[13:47] Zauber Exonar: That's why you read the petition
[13:47] loopy String: i visited florida and got a tan
[13:47] Zauber Exonar: lol
[13:47] Demonia Gothly: you could have just modified the skin tone
[13:47] loopy String: no
[13:47] Demonia Gothly: ah it was no mod ?
[13:47] loopy String: i wanted a little of the shape
[13:47] loopy String: i played with the two
[13:47] Demonia Gothly: ah ok then
[13:47] Demonia Gothly: brb
[13:48] Catharina Jacobus: ok, what else should we discuss before the hour is over?
[13:48] Zauber Exonar: Food
[13:48] Zauber Exonar: lol
[13:48] loopy String: lol
[13:48] Grunt Ultsch: Loopy needs some help with editing pics. Who can do that?
[13:49] loopy String: sour
[13:49] loopy String: i want to do it
[13:49] Hobbes Hax: look, somebody gave me a rum and coke the other day. (Closest thing I have to food atm)
[13:49] Catharina Jacobus is Online
[13:49] loopy String: but have sour sit with me
[13:49] Zauber Exonar: Oh, I'll just find a griefer and roast him
[13:49] loopy String: lol
[13:49] Catharina Jacobus: second crash in one hour!
[13:49] FarAwayNL Rock: crash
[13:49] Zauber Exonar: OUch
[13:49] loopy String: awww
[13:50] Demonia Gothly: Ubuntu rocks
[13:50] Zauber Exonar: >:-(
[13:50] Grunt Ultsch: Sour, are you there?
[13:50] loopy String: i love ubuntu
[13:50] Sour Wozniak: yea
[13:50] Demonia Gothly: Ubuntu (,...) is a rock solid operating system.
[13:50] Sour Wozniak: im back
[13:50] Catharina Jacobus: lets not go in distro war mode
[13:50] Toga Yorkshire: Me thinks, Cath needs some new hardware.
[13:50] Zauber Exonar: Not streamlined enough for me
[13:50] Demonia Gothly: It has no bugs (~45000) and no crashes.
[13:51] loopy String: lol
[13:51] Grunt Ultsch: Loopy needs someone to help her to teach her how to edit pics
[13:51] Demonia Gothly: GIMP
[13:51] loopy String: sour
[13:51] Demonia Gothly: select crop tool
[13:51] Demonia Gothly: and do it
[13:51] loopy String: can you hel
[13:51] loopy String: now
[13:51] loopy String: help
[13:51] Sour Wozniak: ill help her
[13:51] loopy String: i will make him help
[13:52] Grunt Ultsch: You had to think about it
[13:52] loopy String: i think he is multitasking
[13:52] Grunt Ultsch: All right then :)
[13:52] loopy String: :)
[13:52] Catharina Jacobus: real men can not multitask
[13:53] Grunt Ultsch: Many men cant multitask, but maybe Sour can
[13:53] Demonia Gothly: someone was having problems with the opensuse page and he contacted Novell ...and they said:
[13:53] Zauber Exonar: Shows how much you know!
[13:53] Demonia Gothly: > Dear H > > Thank you for contacting the shopNovell. > > Please disable your Mozilla and Firefox before attempt to complete the > order. We recommend IE Browser instead.: > > please try to place a new order. > > NOVELL > > - Once you have the items you wish to purchase in the shopping cart > click the "Check Out" button. > > We recommend when placing an order that you enter your billing > information as it appears on your credit card billing statement. If your > middle initial appears on your credit card, please enter it after your > first name in the "first name" field (without any punctuation). Also, if > you are ordering from outside of the US make sure that you select > "Non-US" in the "State/Province" selection field. > > If you receive an error message, please reply with the error number as > well as your pending order number which can be found on the shopping > cart page. > > If you have any further questions or concerns, please reply to this > e-mail. > > Sincerely, > Fe
[13:53] Demonia Gothly: they reccomend Internet Explorer
[13:53] Demonia Gothly: lol
[13:53] Zauber Exonar: Good lord
[13:53] loopy String: hmmm
[13:53] Grunt Ultsch: AAARGH!
[13:53] Zauber Exonar: I bet they were coerced to by their pact with Microsquish
[13:55] Hobbes Hax: Their code probably sucks, and they get error reports from moz users.. Given the language in their email "plz disable teh mozilla", I'd say that odds are good their code sucks. ;P
[13:55] Zauber Exonar: lol
[13:55] Demonia Gothly: heh
[13:55] Zauber Exonar: No kidding
[13:55] Zauber Exonar: Novell just doesn't make sense
[13:56] Catharina Jacobus: oef, lag is terrible again for me
[13:56] Hobbes Hax: Seriously, who wrote that? "IM N YR FIREFOX" :P
[13:56] Grunt Ultsch: Poor cath
[13:56] Demonia Gothly: lol
[13:56] Demonia Gothly: stealing ur cookies
[13:56] Zauber's Energy Elixir whispers: Prepare to make the jump to lightspeed!
[13:56] Hobbes Hax: lol Demonia
[13:56] Zauber Exonar: I know of places where stealing cookies is a hanging offense
[13:57] Zauber's Energy Elixir whispers: Prepare to make the jump to lightspeed!
[13:57] loopy String: hi draconis
[13:57] Hobbes Hax: holy crap, monster! Run awak.
[13:57] Zauber Exonar: Hi Draconis
[13:57] Draconis Burns: hi loopy
[13:57] loopy String: nice landing
[13:58] Grunt Ultsch: Draconis only looks like a hideous monster, actually he is very nice
[13:58] Hobbes Hax: :) Greetings, Draconis.
[13:58] Demonia Gothly: lmao cath
[13:58] Demonia Gothly: lag
[13:58] loopy String: lmao
[13:58] Draconis Burns: at least you didn't mistake me for a demon
[13:58] Draconis Burns: hey Hobbes
[13:59] Draconis Burns: (or a daemon?) :P
[13:59] Demonia Gothly: BSD ? nah
[13:59] Grunt Ultsch: What are you drinking loopy?
[13:59] loopy String: zauber magic drink
[13:59] Draconis Burns: that energy drink?
[13:59] Zauber's Energy Elixir whispers: Prepare to make the jump to lightspeed!
[14:00] Demonia Gothly: chemical potions
[14:00] Hobbes Hax: It's all the rage.
[14:00] loopy String: yes
[14:00] loopy String: it makes me feel ggod
[14:00] Catharina Jacobus: hehe, end of meeting
[14:00] Grunt Ultsch: Thanx zauber, but I am not drinking that. I dont want to get ill like Loopy
[14:00] You decline Zauber's Energy Elixir from Zauber Exonar.
[14:00] loopy String: lol
[14:00] Zauber Exonar: This is SL! You can't get ill!
[14:00] Zauber's Energy Elixir whispers: Prepare to make the jump to lightspeed!
[14:00] Demonia Gothly: looks legit
[14:00] Toga Yorkshire: Logging this mess ;-)

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