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We are fortunate to have many volunteers to help educate others on particular Free Software programs and applications. If you would like to volunteer your time and knowledge, please add your name here.



Graphics Design

Ruben Haan Gimp


Landscaping, Building, Texturing: Ruben Haan (OSGrid)

Animating: (put your name here!)

Sculpties: ( Ruben Haan )

Meshes: ( Ruben Haan )

Software Usage

Web-Based Software

Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress: Catharina Jacobus (Agni, OSGrid)

Productivity Software

GIMP: loopy String (Agni) Ruben Haan (Agni, OSGrid)

Blender: loopy String (Agni)

Wings3D: Ruben Haan (OSGrid, Craft)

Sound and Video


GStreamer: Tiyuk Quellmalz (Agni, OSGrid)

Kdenlife: Ruben Haan (OSGrid, Craft)

gtk-record-my-desktop: Ruben Haan (OSGrid, Craft)

OpenSim / Second Life

Linden Scripting Language (LSL): Melissa Venura (Agni), Electron Beam (OSGrid), Tiyuk Quellmalz (Agni, OSGrid)

Imprudence Viewer: Melissa Venura (OSGrid), Electron Beam (OSGrid), Tiyuk Quellmalz (Agni, OSGrid), Ruben Haan (OSGrid, Craft)

OpenSim Server: Tiyuk Quellmalz (Agni, OSGrid)


Free Software Graphics Drivers: Tiyuk Quellmalz (Agni, OSGrid)

General Operating System Usage

GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE): Tiyuk Quellmalz (Agni, OSGrid)

Personal tools

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