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Question of the FSF;

If you want to send us a list of the elements that you plan to include there, we could review it and offer some suggestions. We can also help edit any text involved.

John Sullivan, FSF Manager of Operations

Welcome to add your ideas here:

List of ideas for representing the FSF

General information about the Free Software Foundation:

about the FSF


GPL version 3

Information about their campaigns:

by Design

Software Patents

Bad Vista Org

Campaigning for Open Document


Expert Witness Defense Fund for RIAA

Free Bios

Hardware Devices that support Free Software

High priority Free Software Projects

Anti DRM

Information about sister organisations:

Free Software Foundation Europe

Free Software Foundation of India

Free Software Foundation Latin America

Information about the people behind the FSF like:

Richard Stallman:

Stallman's personal page


Richard Stallman - video

Eben Moglen:

Eben Moglen

What it takes to change the world

A call for donations and new members

Demonstrations on special subjects or campaigns

Presentations on popular free software projects

Workshops on popular free software applications

Celebrations, like Software Freedom Day


  • Land assigned to for 4freedom should be 1/4 an island (currently 1/8), 1/8 (8192m 1875 prims) should be used for FSF, they have a say where they want to be located in the new island
  • FSF should be the center of the island and 4freedom should partly surround it, all its neighbours should be compatible with its mission
  • The island content and residents should be non-profit, island is not residential, island covenant should reflect this
  • Login account(s) to be created on ioso.org new server (ioso = international open source organisations) for 4freedom, 10GB storage allocated for them, also backed up
  • Architecture of FSF must be discussed, see [1]
  • All group buildings should be on land, and meeting rooms ideally in the sky
  • Island purchase is delayed until SL sorts out its price policy
  • Wiki bubdomains wiki.4-freedom.org and wiki.4freedom.eu pointed to this wiki

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