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Actions to take after first meeting:

Rent a new island and donate a quarter to 4Freedom

Action by: Trade

Date: end of February

Setup a convenant for the island

Action by: Cath

Date: 1st of February

Invite third parties to the new space:

Free Software Foundation Canonical

Date: after we have the new land

Action by: ?

'Monthly newsletter'

Action by ?

Translations of the Wiki

Action by Alexise Stranski (Russian)

New Domain Name:

Trade will register: and (done)


Every sunday at 1.00 PM PST SL Time

Duration: max one hour

'What to build on the new space?'

Action by: everyone on the Wiki

A place for building Ideas for buildings on the new space

Actions after Second Meeting

Create a meeting place like that from the Linux User Group (current is not free)

Action: rebuild the meeting place

By: coproduction of Ronnie and Raphory

Notecard givers with information and links to websites and howto's

A Linux Live show - showing off what Linux can do and Windows can't - like Apple does.

Create movies from the desktop or grab them from YouTube

Show on a switching screen

Needed: a server for streaming video (maybe by Cath or Trade)

Action by: Raphory and Ronnie

Open a page on the Wiki for good video stuff from youtube and so : Video's Free Video's

Action by Cath

Panels with screenshots of the linux alternatives to famous windows progams. People want to actually see what is "inside linux": Pidgin instead of MSN, Gimp instead of Photoshop, OpenOffice.Org instead of MS Word, etc.

Grab short biographies of important people from the free world? Torvalds, Stallman, the guy from Ubuntu, etc.


Action: Cath

Create exhibition space for artists

Actions after third meeting

Website: Trade can repoint the dns

Cath will ask Thierry for help with building (is ok)

Site will be build in Joomla

With a forum and a wiki integrated (needs to be finished before the party -around the 12th of februari)

Logo: setup a contest logo contest (sent out a notecard - by Cath)

Price money: Trade Flow: L$500 for winner L$250 for 2nd and L$100 for 3rd best logo designs (by Trade)

Party to announce the winner (around the 20th of februari)

If the island is not ready around the end of februari, we can use south and east of our current location (Trade)

Next week there will be no meeting, so the next one is at the 3thd of Februari

Actions after fourth meeting

Contact Trade on website details (Cath)

Group reminder on the logo contest (Cath)

Remind Trade off contacting Lindens (Trade did and only the original founder can ask for restoring the group; Cath has to take a payed membership for that)

The date for the party will be Sunday the 24th of February

Live Music (Mythica will come and perform)

Maybe we can find a dj or else a good radio stream

Fireworks for the party (Ronnie)

Quiz (Grunt, if I may)

Maybe other games?

Actions after fifth meeting

Contact the FSF and ask them if we may build their in world presence (Cath)

Contact Trade to see if Alexi and Rover can get some more prims for the conference centre (Alexi or Cath)

Freed about 100 prims for building a FSF presence --alexi

Actions after sixth meeting

Do some research as to if it is possible to move the air building as a whole (Alex, Grunt, Cath)

Make a good reference to the air building on land and an elevator or a long distance teleporter (Alex, Kevin, Grunt, Ronnie)

Make a board with information on time and location (landmark giver) of the group meetings (Alex, Rover)

Suggestion by User123 to take another point during the week to prepare sunday meetings (has not been discussed)

Creating an info centre on the floor about what we are, what we do and why we are here

Talk to Trade about prims and land (Cath)

Preparations for Software Freedom Day (FSF will cooperate with us)

Art exhibitions for free art (at the conference centre? contact artists on SL)

Actions after the meeting of March 30th (lost count..)

Review and comment on the Mission Statement (all)

Build something on land that refers to Free Objects (Grunt)

Build a board that refers to the Wiki (Grunt and Wolfear for the texture)

Make a petition for Linden about reversing the current building policy (Cath) and make something so that it can be signed online (Ronnie - task completed within the rest of the meeting)

Petition Linden Lab

Representing the FSF (problem is lack of prims at the moment) - can do something for now with html on prims (Alex) Contact Trade on the new island (Cath)

Functionality website:


An open forum

A mailing list

IM through website

Individual pofile pages


New Wiki Page for discussing the website functionality: Website Functionality (all)

Actions after the meeting of the 4th of May:

The petition has reached it´s final state: Ronnie made a script for signing it in world (should be spread over AmaGi but the problem is still keeping one list of people who signed)

Representing the FSF: The idea is to make a formal building with representations of the FSF and a theme park. The ideas are being developed on the Wiki and

There will be made a plan for the themepark and after that we decide how many parcels we need for it.

Focus is to make it "fun" in combination with an educational approach so ¨ordinary¨ computer users come round & with having fun are introduced to the "hard" facts. Question: how to attract businesses?

Cath will contact the FSF to see what they think of our initatives and ideas so far

There will be a new group ¨4freedom residents" that controls the common building area. (Cath - done)

We have a sandbox now for experiments (thanks to Trade)

Samira will coordinate the builders and scripters team (we need more programmers and scripters)

We will put up a new reservation system for people that want to rent land (Cath) and Grunt will setup a wiki page for it

We need to check our plots for scripts or prims (we had some nasty visits lately)

Actions after the meeting of the 11th of May

The petition is online now and can be signed:

Something has to be created in world to link it too

Calculations need to be made for new setup costs for land because the island prices dropped

Actions after the meeting of the 25th of May

Trade still waiting for SL feedback about the island. Costs and how to pay for the same.

Toga made co-chair, who elected Cath. as the 4Freedom chair person.

Two parade/party events, similar to the Ubuntu party, need to be organized. The first one for the Petition signing and the second for a FSF coming out. FSF tentative date is October 4, it's founding date. We need a Petition party date.

Samira had been elected as 'the building mistress' of the FSF building and is requesting builder and scripter help. Looks like Sam will get her 3d GNU.

Parade costumes are being discussed.

Actions after the meeting of the 23thd of August:

Invite musicians (Grunt - within two weeks)

Create a market and invite groups to promote their stuff (Sam, Cath)

Make flags for different projects (Toga, Loopy, Sour)

Freebie Store or Market (Sour)

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