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Introduce yourself

Catharina Jacobus

Catharina Jacobus is my Second Life name. I've entered SL in Februari of 2007. Since then I've been exploring the possibilities of promoting freedom in Second Life. Here is a picture of me and my Ubuntu Linux Pyramid.


Raphory Repine

Enjoying SL since may 2007, I like to build things, play with scripts (but I'm just a copy/paster!), and I'm very curious and interested in the project of a really free and open island in SL. I see it as a place to:

  • promote free software philosophy (including opensource money and other applications of the principles of free software)
  • have a home to gather people and stimulate free & open projects in SL
  • experiment a simulation of a social community based on free software principles

I'm not sure this is really reasonable and realistic, and that's why I wanna be part of it :)

Alexise Stransky

I'm a GNU/Linux and FSF fan. I went into SL to learn and have a practice with english. I like to build, writing scripts and interested in free projects. But often I have little time for SL.

Moelwyn Sodwind

Have only been using Gnu/Linux for about a year. Its been a breath of fresh air. I started with Pclinuxos which I would heartily recommend for newcomers but since reading about the campaign for software freedom I've been experimenting with BLAG. This distro is based on Fedora 7 and has a completely free kernel (All binary blobs removed) called linux-libre. As of now I still have to use a proprietary driver for 3D graphics, so that I can run secondlife but in the near future I will be purchasing graphics hardware with drivers that are free. I'm not a coder but would like to learn about building objects inworld.

Erestor Streeter

Use most OS:s at home.. have a Mac, a Win-PC and a Linuxmachine (for the moment running Ubuntu 12.04)... Support the ideas behind Gnu/Linux and FSF but am more oriented towards what is most easy to use more than what is the best choice from a purely ideological angle. Whenever I can I introduce people to the good sides of Gnu/Linux, mostly by suggesting Ubuntu Linux when the ask how to prolong their older PC's life. Been in Second Life since early 2007 and been "married" in SL since June the same year. Spend most time inworld with my partner and friends. Sometime I build stuff and play around with copied scripts.

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